What Our Families Say

Glenda, Dave and Owen


“Owen had a great session with Sarah today. Sarah has always been great with Owen, but it was obvious that she brought back some high expectations and new ideas from PREP. I can’t tell you how thankful we are that AIM exists. Today I am tearing up every time I think about how great it is that Owen has access to this. It is going to change his life. I remember Meaghan talking about how PREP just felt like the first place that they really belonged and that they were so welcoming. I got that same sense at AIM today.Thank you again for all of your hard work in bringing this to fruition.

Glenda, Dave and Owengh

Mother of a daughter (7 years old)

“In watching AIM grow from an idea to actual fruition has lifted a weight off of our hearts as we are now truly confident that our daughter is and will continue to receive the services and programming she needs to ensure she reaches her full potential. As a family, whatever comes our way, whether it be medical issues, advocacy in our community and school, etc. We look forward to AIM supporting our journey. ”
Mother of a daughter (7 years old)gh

Parents of a son (3 years old)

“All parents have hopes and dreams for their children. We all want the best for our kids. Being parents to a child with Down syndrome doesn’t change that. We still want our son to succeed, grow and experience the same things our daughter without special needs will. We one day hope he will have his own place to live, a job, friends, a spouse just like we hope our daughter will. Giving him all the opportunities to make this happen is our goal. Having him partake in all of AIM’s programming, both present and future is our hope. Giving him the speech, language and reading skills, socializing skills, participating in group therapies as well as the support from other parents on the same journey with us is so important. Having a program he can learn from throughout his childhood until he is 21 is a welcomed and much needed asset. Words can never express our gratitude to be able to be a part of AIM. Having the consistency and frequency of therapy and support in AIM as well as the support from other families in AIM will help our son reach his full potential. For that we will be forever grateful. ”
Parents of a son (3 years old)gh

Mother of a son (5 years old)

“We have had to opportunity to attend programming offered by AIM since January 2015. Our son Jacob attends weekly speech therapy sessions. An SLP has been accessible via email or phone to answer any questions, and we attend family nights monthly. Jake benefits by having a consistent speech program with set expectations. His confidence in voluntary language has improved, as well as his skill in following directions without direct supervision. We have also been given tools to assist with school decisions and planning. The family nights offer a safe and fun environment for us to come and socialize. In addition to our family benefitting, our entire community has grown closer. As a parent it is easy to feel isolated when issues and challenges related to raising a child with Down syndrome come up. Having a program in Saskatchewan that supports our vision and plan for an independent and meaningful life for Jacob is valued beyond words. We are so grateful AIM is here! ”
Mother of a son (5 years old)g

Vera Olenick, parent

“For years I have been try to read to Dan or with him, and he would not. After just one session with you, he was transformed. He is a motivated, self-disciplined, independent reader. I never have to nag him to do his reading. The program is very gratifying for him as after each book he successfully completes, there is that positive reward/acknowledgement of his success. I see the reading program as a fabulous reinforcement of the speech therapy he is receiving. I see strides in his ability to hold on a conversation in just a few months. This is huge!! His life is being transformed by his improvement in understanding and communicating. Not only will his quality of life be enriched by being able to read for entertainment but in any potential future employment. My heart is bursting with gratitude for this opportunity for him. You’ve given us hope. May God bless all of you who work for AIM! You do great work!”
Vera Olenick, parentgh

Louise Friesen (Parent)

“I feel I put my child into the hands of people (at AIM) who are not only doing their job to the best of their ability but who are connected to it with their hearts”

“I can say that I am very happy with the different aspects of the Bridge Program, but that the Music component makes my heart sing as I believe music to be one of the greatest gifts we can pass onto our children and it connects perfectly to our kids with Down syndrome.”

Louise Friesen (Parent)gh

Sherilee Zwack, Parent

“Children diagnosed with Down syndrome require additional developmental supports and although such programming is present in our community, its availability and intensity is often limited. Fortunately, the AIM program has allowed our daughter, Olivia, to access intensive speech and language therapy, as well as, opportunities to engage with other children; before AIM was available in Saskatoon these resources were very difficult to engage and establish. Thank you AIM program for all you have done for our little girl!”

Sherilee Zwack, Parentgh

Shelley Allard, Parent

“The AIM program has provided a professional service at an extremely reasonable price. We travel on a monthly basis and Sarah, speech pathologist has been a godsend for my daughter Megan, 18. In a changing educational world we were not being provided these services at school. With much gratitude to Sarah and AIM program Megan is continuing to blossom in her social skills.”

Shelley Allard, Parentgh

Trevor and Tammy Pike, Parents

“AIM has been a huge asset to our son, Aidan and our family. Before he started attending AIM, Aidan didn’t have any words. The signing was his only way of communicating. He has had frequent and consistent therapy through AIM and is now starting to talk. The list of words he can say grows more each week as do his attempts to repeat what he hears. This is music to our ears! We also enjoy the support we have through AIM in being able to connect with other families on a regular basis and look forward to joining the “everyone a reader” program soon. We feel our son has made the biggest strides in his speech with the programming he receives here and we are very proud of how far he has come. Thank you!”

Trevor and Tammy Pike, Parentsgh

Cheryl Royer, Parent

“We are so very thankful for Patrick to finally receive speech therapy … and on a regular basis at that! It was so needed, but was not available for Patrick due to lack of resources for children his age. He wants to speak so badly and to be understood. He loves practicing his sounds now. We can already tell the difference from when he started with AIM this year. THANK YOU!!”

Cheryl Royer, Parentgh

Norm LaPage, Parent

“Happy to see others invested in my son’s future just as much as I am.”

Norm LaPage, Parentgh


“AIM is filling a huge gap in service for my son. Learning to communicate clearly is a vital foundation to learning and by helping him with this, AIM really is bringing my son closer to his full potential…academically and socially.”


“I feel that we are having success with our son in this program. We are seeing a real step forward in his communication and are really pleased! I am optimistic for the future.”


“So wonderful to be able to network with other families that can relate to us. Thankful that we can book as many speech sessions as we want. We are just so excited that this opportunity has presented itself at this moment in time.”


“We are so delighted and happy to have AIM in Saskatoon. The continuous therapy and seeing Lauren’s progress with speech is something we are just so thankful for! Also, the family nights and talking to other parents and knowing they have been there is a huge support for us.”


“I am really happy with my child’s progress in the AIM program so far. I’m glad AIM has been established to address my child’s language needs which will give her a better quality of life.”

Premier Brad Wall

“We need a vibrant and growing economy to help support things like the AIM Program and make good on our promise to make Saskatchewan the best province in Canada for everyone, including those with special needs.”
Premier Brad Wallgh

Janice Clavelle, Teacher

“The AIM program is absolutely vital! The local support for parents and teachers is crucial to each child’s development. The opportunity to learn from specialized professionals can’t be minimized. A phenomenal program that is desperately needed in Saskatchewan.”
Janice Clavelle, Teachergh


“The one-on-one time with the teacher are key. The staff is knowledgeable, professional, caring for the students individually and very good at what they do. They do not have lower standards… They understand that our children are very capable and very worthy of special time.”

Isabelle’s Mom and Dad (9year old)

“Aim has offered a sense of comfort knowing that parents and families are invested in the same goals as we are. A place where we can feel safe and comfortable with others who completely understand our questions, our frustrations, our joys and our worries”
Isabelle’s Mom and Dad (9year old)gh


“We are so grateful for the AIM Program. We see the value in it and, as such, make the 2.5 hour trip monthly to attend. It is wonderful to see our son thrive in the AIM environment. The new (2016) AIM office is great – a bright, colourful and welcoming space. We look forward to being a part of the AIM community for many years. We have met and made many new friends in the Down syndrome community through AIM and we recommend and sing the praises of the program to new families we meet”

Parent (5 year old)

“AIM has been a godsend to our family. Our son’s speech is expanding more and more each day. AIM has filled in the gap and more. It’s given us support and connected us with new families on the same journey.” mom.”
Parent (5 year old)gh

Mom and Dad (10 year old)

“It is great to have a learning environment. This facility and workers are helping our daughter improve her speech and social skills. You are great support for our daughter”
Mom and Dad (10 year old)gh


“As parents the speech sessions give us new direction, ideas to help us work on our daughter’s speech skills at home. She definitely understands ‘taking turns’ and the sign for STOP since the summer speech camp.”



“I learned so much from actually watching Sara interact with our student. It gave me so many good ideas to try to implement in the classroom.”

Shelley (Parent)

“Thank you Deb for believing in Megan’s continued learning and mentoring her. You gave me the confidence and courage to follow through with Megan’s interests. Because you wouldn’t take no for an answer Megan has been successful in obtaining her babysitting, WHMIS, and food safe certificates. Megan is studying for her First Aid which will be taken in March.”
Shelley (Parent)gh


“It’s our daughters happy day when she can go to AIM. She loves the reading program and we are impressed with her progress in reading.”

Parent (10 year old)

“The School Readiness Program for my son was so very helpful. Meghan was able to provide practical strategies around handwriting and cutting that we could use at home. When he started school his teacher and EAs saw a big difference regarding his focus and skill in printing from the previous year. Thank you!”
Parent (10 year old)gh


“I would like to see more availability for the OT.”


“Interaction with the others in the Discovery group has made him more social.”


“Our son really seems to thrive at AIM and connects with everyone involved in the program. IT is really valuable having programming and services (as well as expectations) tailored to children with Down syndrome.”


“Do we have our group today? We should have our group again” – student from our February group, asks every other week to start our group up again.

(Paraphrased) – from a parent of a 12 year old girl

“These handouts are great for us to go over at home and practice these skills using the same language. We have noticed that this (social skills) is an area of difficulty for our child that really sets her apart from her peers at school. It’s really important to us for her to fit in and be included with her peers.”
(Paraphrased) – from a parent of a 12 year old girlgh

Parent of AIM student

“I feel that the group program really helped [my son]. It allowed him to learn to be more interactive with other children who attend AIM and to carry on these skills at school and other settings. I can share the strategies with the school and we can practice them at home, too.”
Parent of AIM studentgh


“Behavior is better since social group. Talking more and longer sentences.”

Parent of a 17 year old son

“I hope you can appreciate how much you are improving life for these kids! You are opening a lot of doors for them! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! May God bless you and your family!”
Parent of a 17 year old songh