With your generous support, AIM can support children and youth from birth to 22 years of age with Down syndrome and their families in Saskatchewan, by offering specialized programs and professional support services for a nominal fee.

The annual base registration fee is $100. Below is the fee structure based on how often families access services. All families are welcome and we don’t want the fees to be a barrier and will turn no one away. We will make accommodations including waiving the fee.


Below provides a breakdown of the costs to run the different programs that includes overhead costs, resource development, report writing and the delivery of the programming.

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Below highlights organizations who have provided funds and/or in-kind services:

AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-channel Global McDougall-Gauley aim-sponsor-sherwood MGM
Eccol-Electric Gov-of-Saskatchewan Prep vipond mosaic
Miners 06-AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-odelay 06-AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-sasktel 06-AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-Speech-Therapy-Saskatoon 06-AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-sasktel
06-AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-cif AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-nutrien 06-AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-pioneers 06-AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-red-bird 06-AIM-SupportAIM-sponsor-scf