The Program

About the program

The AIM Program is really all about what our name stands for: "Ability In Me." Children with Down syndrome have many abilities, and when specific learning strategies are used to target the skills required for successful life-long inclusion, those abilities are brought out and strengthened within the children.

Our future hope and organizational vision is that individuals with Down syndrome will have the opportunity to reach their full potential, have a true sense of belonging and become contributing members of society. For this to happen, we need to provide consistent, ongoing, direct, individual, and expert treatment therapy.

AIM is modeled after the very successful PREP Program, founded in Calgary Alberta in 1988 by Barbara Tien, a registered Speech Language Pathologist. For the past 25 years, PREP has offered progressive programming for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. The PREP Program was chosen as our model because our research and parent feedback tells us it is the best model in North America. The PREP Program is unique in that it offers direct therapy in small group and/or individual sessions to children with Down syndrome. AIM was founded because we believe that children in Saskatchewan deserve the same quality of service that is available in other provinces.


We provide Saskatchewan with specialized educational programming that will enable and support the inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome.

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All participants reach their full potential, have a true sense of belonging and are contributing members of society.

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  • Respect - We value respecting the rights, needs, and aspirations of each individual client and others with whom we interact.
  • Integrity - We value acting with honesty in all decisions and dealings.
  • Excellence - We value innovation, creativity and commitment to excellence in everything we do.
  • Inclusion - We value the right of individuals with Down syndrome to be fully included in all aspects of the community.
  • Accessibility - We value access to specialized programming and services for individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

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Legal Structure

The AIM Program is a registered non-profit corporation as well as a registered charity. Our charity number is 808798243 RR0001.

While AIM has no legal connection to The PREP Program, and is 100% Saskatchewan based, The PREP Program has provided permission for us to use their model, and offered support, information and ongoing training from Barbara Tien and her team. We embrace this Canadian connection with our neighboring province that will help us reap untold benefits for families in Saskatchewan.

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Parent Involvement

The AIM Program offers direct therapy in small group and/or individual sessions, with parent involvement crucial to successful outcomes. It is essential that parents engage with the program alongside their child with Down syndrome. This focus on parental engagement from preschool to high school is truly unique, but with this, AIM will empower families to help their child excel in inclusive school and community settings.

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